Week of Nov 13th – 17th

Week of Nov 13th – 17th

For the 3rd week of the Web Module, the class had the opportunity to finally dive into Javascript while using Git to upload the exercises online. With the introduction to Javascript, I have gotten to get acquainted with the following concepts.

Data Types

To start off, Kurt went over some of the basics of Javascript with explaining different data types. The different data types that were explained were strings, numbers, booleans, arrays, null, undefined, methods, variables, and functions. To be honest, it was quite a lot to absorb that much new information and to retain all of it, but within time and practice this will be less of an issue as with the introduction of different data types, it is proven to be difficult.



After the introductions of different data types, the next exercises were forming an object. Kurt had us partnered with another person to get the practice of understanding how to create an object with variables and then calling specific variables to output through the consoles within the browser. After one person is successfully able to successfully execute the concept, the other person takes over to type and create the object.


Loops and Logic

Following the objects, learning if and else statements were next. Through if statements, the class was given the objective to create loops built from “logic.” One of the exercises that was accomplished during the lesson was having the console list out numbers from 0 to 100. For numbers that were divisible by a certain number, have the console log a string command to indicate Javascript had succeeded in understanding the command.


Selecting Elements

Lastly, the class FINALLY had the chance do something with Javascript to create interactivity with the web. For this example and exercises, Kurt went over explaining the functionality how Javascript can select certain elements from HTML to help with the ease of change content from the HTML to be applied externally with Javascript – just like how the external CSS file will contain all the CSS styling outside of the HTML page. Knowing this, exercises of editing elements through DOM with Javascript had been exampled during the class. For the last part of the elements, exercises of creating a button with Javascript to change the button’s colors were done. Understanding how to set the structure of the code for having the script know when to checks for clicks then changing the colors was pretty difficult, but with more in-depth practice, I will be able to grasp this concept with fewer issues.


This sums up for the blog post for this week; thank you for reading.