Week of Nov 1st – 3rd

For the first week of the Web Module, there was few resources and materials that was gone over.

Although it was just first two days of class for the first week, the class went over a lot in terms of HTML, CSS, File structures, and resources to look to.

HTML was the first section that was being taught by Professor Kurt. Kurt went over the explanation of what makes the webpage and how HTML was involved in the development. HTML in short, is where the content goes in a webpage. Past the explanation, going through the process of how to correctly set up one HTML page has been gone over. During the set up for the HTML page, Kurt had also gone over the importance of correct file structures as with more files created during making a website, it is essential to know where new files will be located such like CSS files.

After HTML, the class dived into CSS – where the design and style of a website lives. In CSS, all of the factors of typeface choice, color, background, and any other designs with the site is referred from the CSS files. For exercises of practicing CSS, Kurt had the class experiment parts of CSS to understand what does font-family does (as an example) and familiarize CSS a little with a CSS game structured webpage.

This post was for the week of Nov 1st – 3rd.