Dodge the Squares (Finals Oct 27th)

For the following final assignment, I tried going for “dodge the square” game by moving your mouse cursor around in the canvas.

Originally, I was attempting to have the triangle in the background rotate in animation while having the left and right side spawn randomized color triangles to aim for a dynamic style of particles and color.

When researched into the particles system, I definitely felt I was being overly ambitious with the time span there was. And then the issues with time, learning, and implantation were not in the goal of accomplishment for the given time.

Instead, I ended up scraping the idea for now so I can switch to a program that is much more manageable.

Even with the program much downscaled, there were still other problems that came with typing out the program.
One of the issues was setting up arrays for the square and then setting the square to randomize in spawning locations. In the case of setting up square[i] for condensing code and then to set up the arrays, I was not able to resolve the issue of setting up the randomizing for the falling squares I had in mind.
Due to this, I ended up using what I know for the moment being, and manually had same lines of code for the falling squares and changed the x and y coordinates for the squares I wanted to position differently.

This was the best I can do for the time, given the problems I had difficulty in trying to resolve in a time sensitive manner.