Motivational Success Board (Assignment Oct 27th)

1. Create a blog post using WordPress. On the blog you will present your “Motivational Success Board”. That board will be a combination of:

  • A. Your inspirations/aspirations
    Include pictures and quotes that inspire you, include pictures and information linked to your goals aspirations.
  • B. Your motivation
    Reminders of why completing the program successfully is important to you.
  • C. Your resources
    On your journey through the program when you are experiencing challenges (for exaple if it’s hard to focus or manage your time) what resources can you use? Who can you turn to? Any student (s) you can meet with for some study groups while you are working independently with the SG platform? Share your plan and concrete examples of resources you are planning to use to help you.


I would definitely say that I am inspired by many great accomplished people such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Palmer Luckey, Liam Wong, Anthony Robbins, Danny Cho, and the list goes on. Although inspired by many, I try to aspire someone as who will able to beat uncontrollable situations and applying any learned experiences onto the next.


Completing this program is really important to me. This program is an opportunity to learn the skills and getting great experiences on the road of becoming a Web Developer and hopefully to finding a job. Having the chance to learn the fun skills I imagine learning will help build a stronger portfolio for when I apply to relevant jobs. Being able to find a job in this field by staying committed would open opportunities to help my parents with finances and being able to support myself.


For resources, there are a lot of options that I plan to utilize whenever certain situations would occur. For moments I would need help with coding, I plan to reach out to Brandon, Mohammad, Richard, Jose, Kellie, Jessica, and anyone else in the class that would kindly be open to working together! Mentioned students would hopefully be the students that I would be able to set up study groups outside of school and even attend to any tech-related events. I also plan to use as much as possible with Github and reaching out to any forums like Stack Overflow or Reddit in times I am looking to work on solutions individually.