A/B Testing Google Optimize Event (External Event Assignment Oct 23rd)

For the external event assignment,  I went to attend to the Google Optimize event hosted by Jon Meck who is a Techincal Marketing Manager from LunaMetrics and held at Galvanize.

Google Optimize is a free A/B testing service from Google that lets site owners or businesses have a more in-depth information on web traffic data and how doing A/B testing can lead to more interactions with visitors of websites which will eventually help drive revenues for these sites.

Optimize allows seeing data of interactions or web traffic and many other options. As an example, optimize allows having two slightly different versions of a website to test out whether version A or B will lead more interactivity by people visiting the website. By having this experiment run, as people visit the site data will show which version drove more reactions as optimize is able to show that data.

This control to have a detailed data of a website allows developers to decide how to proceed on how to design websites that will drive more traffic while keeping visitors concise of the information of the data of the site that is being shown to them.

The venue held at Galvanize was really nice. Felt like any other start-up companies I had the opportunity to visit and got to walk around and take pictures of the office. Pizza and refreshments were served as well which is always a plus.