Checkerboard (Team Assignment Oct 18th)


Update your blog to discuss items covered in class (variables, data types, assignment, and operators).

For October 18, the class had the chance to dive into variables, different data types, operations used in Processing, and grouped into teams to work together on modding code that was presented throughout the class.

During the duration of this work, I was grouped up with Andre and Brandon.

We aimed to create something simple – a checkerboard design where one square will flip to the top left corner.

Since working with three people (including myself) take a bit more work to cooperate together, our focus was really demonstrating that our team understands the concepts the class was assigned to do for the duration.

Andre was in charge of typing on the laptop for the team while helping out with suggestions on the code and variable names. Brandon and I worked on having a concise layout and code for the assignments while making a lot revisions for the design and colors being used throughout the work.

As for the code, we felt sticking to global variables, void setup, and void draw set up enough time and cooperation to accomplishing the task.