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Create a post that tells us a little about yourself and about your motivation for pursuing web development career training with us and Software Guild’s Java offering. Be sure to include supporting content tools (categories, tags, links, images, etc.) to tell your story. Use appropriate formatting, syntax, and grammar.

Hello World, my name is Brian. (Though I go by Sean)

Welcome to my page to which I hope to keep track my progress of any web development related work!

I am a 22-year-old first generation Korean American with many years of interest in technology as young as I can remember. I was always fascinated with computers and gadgets that made big impacts to society and how tech really made a lot of tasks efficient and effective. I grew up inspired by animations and movies influenced by science fiction and the advanced technologies during the reign of Sony a decade ago.

My motivation for pursuing this Bootcamp web development is simple – Opportunity.

As a self-taught amateur Front-End Web Developer, I find this program a huge opportunity of being able to get help into the field of technology with the help of Tech Impact and Software Guild jump-starting the career into one.

With Software Guild’s Java offerings, stepping into Java will be a new experience to learn about object-oriented programming that will definitely be an aid to apply to any future web development work and possibly other projects as well such as Android app development.

I really look forward to learning a lot with the help of veterans in the industry and cannot wait for the challenges the program will push my limits to as an individual and a future developer.

Thank you for reading!

*Below is a little fun*

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